Monday, July 29, 2013

Contains **Spoilers**

Hi friends!

I’ve had some people comment on how the ending of “Life Altering Beautiful” was confusing for them, so I want to give you all a little insight to me reasoning for the madness!
**If you have not read it this WILL contain spoilers**
Seven was a girl who came to school broken from a harsh past, the once strong and courageous young woman she grew to be was shattered Prom night when Anderson died. Her life was unfortunately ruined by a single lie told to basically anyone who would listen, and in a community were social status was more important than the truth her life was destroyed.
The entire book is her struggle to “get over” the problem Trent created; she needed to believe in herself again since no one longer stood in her corner. When she crossed paths with Stone she was allowed to see what life could be like for her again, someone who was willing to help her from the darkness and walk with her into the future. The past is a horrible thing for some to get over, and keeping secrets does not help in the journey either.
I honestly can say I never intended the book to have that happily ever after to it, it was not the goal I had in mind when I wrote The End. Seven had finally realized her life was worth living, she was able to give love and receive it. She once again believed in herself even if it came with tragedy again, this time in the form of heartbreak and not loss of life. She was a stronger person in result of her relationship with Stone; sometimes heartbreak is inevitable in the journey.

The epilogue came as an afterthought, I know how everyone “wants” a happily ever after, and I really wanted to give you all that. I wanted the reader to question what they read. Maybe even read it several times as I never directly came out and said they were together until you find out Stone and Seven were having a daughter. I understand this did not entertain some and others loved it that is the beauty of people reading things differently. My only hope is that you enjoyed the story as much as I did while writing it. I look forward to sharing my future projects with you and thank you immensely for taking a chance and reading “Life Altering Beautiful”.

Sincerely T.A. Hardenbrook

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