Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A little teaser of "Cheap and Classy"...........................ooh oooh oooooh!

:The black dress was cut low in the back, floating dangerously close to the crack of my ass. Danielle assured me that the tape would stick, keeping my booty from making its red carpet appearance. I knew she wouldn’t let me down, but with my luck, the tape would malfunction. I just can’t bend over, or squat, or even walk very fast for that matter. Nothing like a full moon on the night of the awards show.

Turning around to face the mirror, I bit the inside of my cheek while staring back at my reflection. This was not the Molly I was used to. This was a more grownup and sophisticated version of my normally unpolished self. My blonde hair was perfectly straight, with several pieces pinned back away from my face. My makeup artist had done a bold smoky eye, and even managed to get some fake eyelashes on me. I give that woman credit, considering I sat still as well as a two year old in a candy shop. My lips were painted a softer shade of red, and my exposed skin glistened with the lotion they spread over my arms. No, this wasn’t the normal Molly, but I was completely okay with it for once.

Molly, ‘Cheap & Classy’  © T.A. Hardenbrook 2014

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