Thursday, October 30, 2014


I know I have spoken of this many a time before, however it's something that authors have to deal with on a daily basis. Publicity.

When I first started my author page on FB, it seemed to work really well. I supplemented with my blog and Goodreads, and my novel got out there fairly well. Now, it seems as if I'm posting on FB to an empty audience. Giveaways only reach a handful of people, offers are never claimed, and unfortunately it's hard to get the novel  out there.

I absolutely love my latest release. It's about a love story that grows over time. No, it's not an automatic attraction kind of thing, but more of the story on how their relationship got started. Life isn't perfect, and for my two main characters that couldn't be more of the truth.

So, if you haven't grabbed a copy, I encourage you to do so. Give it a read, and remember it's not the typical love story where you dive right into their relationship, it's their journey on how they got there.

If you love it, share it with your friends, if you don't then I hope another one of my novels speak to you better. I'll always keep writing as a way to tell the stories whirling around in my head, and I hope that my latest lets your mind take off in adventure.

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