Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's the Re-Release of the first chapter for 'Life Altering Beautiful'........................

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Well, here goes nothing, I think as I sit and stare out my car window, looking at the vast campus that lies before me. Still gripping the steering wheel tightly, I realize I’m not moving. Nope, I’m basically frozen in place with no intention of getting out of this car. I wonder if I can reach Wi-Fi on my laptop and just do online courses and never have to leave the safety of this vehicle.

Glancing in the mirror, I take a deep breath and slowly peel my hands from their resting stop. After fourteen hours of driving, they are sore and stiff, almost looking like raptor claws, a great appearance and first impression for my ‘new and improved’ life. I reach over to the passenger seat to grab my purse, only to find somewhere in the last leg of the journey it has spilled the entire contents of my life on the floor. Shit, seriously, why do I feel the need to have such a giant purse that allows me to stuff so much crap into it? I rifle through the mess that is now on my floorboards and find my wallet and the envelope that contains all the information I’m going to need to start this chapter of my life. 

Alright let’s do this, as I grab the handle and swing open my car door.

“Hey watch it!” I hear a voice say as I glance up and catch their eyes. The scowl on their face suggests I about creamed them with my door.

 Wincing, I manage to squeak out an, “I’m sorry,” as I quickly climb out and shut it. Leaning up against the car, I tip my face to the sky, thinking. Great first start, Seven. I seriously think I should look into that Wi-Fi.

Whoever said college would be the best years of your life, obviously didn’t have to unload their car full of stuff, alone. After finding the hall I will call home for the next year, I make it back to my car, parked of course, in the farthest possible spot available on campus. A small sigh escapes from my lips as I pop the hatch to the trunk. What was I thinking packing all this junk?

As I ultimately stall the inevitable of the massive unload I am about to partake in, my mind begins to wander. Memories start to flood back into my mind; things that I have buried so deeply in my soul, things that I am trying to run away from. I only realize that I’m off in la-la land when I feel the hot moisture from tears on my cheeks, and I quickly wipe them away with the back of my hands.
I grab a tub and some hanging clothes from the pile of never ending crap. Closing the hatch, I begin the daunting hike to my dorm, looking around and watching all the families drop off their loved ones, helping them with their own massive loads of crap. Suck it up, I think, don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s going to be fine. Wow, I sound like a stupid hallmark card. I shake my head to rid me of past thoughts.

I reach the door of the enormous building and pull it open, and shock creeps over me at the amount of people milling about the lobby. Fear starts to set in as I quickly scan the room. It’s all in my head. They are not staring. Take a deep breath and move forward. I opt to take the stairs, as I’m only on the second floor and waiting in line for the elevators is going to cause more anxiety than I need today.
Getting to the door for my shared room, I don’t know if I should knock or just walk in. Standing there like an idiot, I raise my hand to knock and the door swings open.

 “Oh hi,” a loud and gorgeous blonde blurts out, blocking the entrance to the room. “I’m Tammy, and I’m betting you’re Seven!” she says with enthusiasm and a bounce in her step.

 “Um yeah,” I manage to struggle out. I’m guessing I look like a deer caught in the headlights as Tammy seems to be looking a little worried that her roommate is a weirdo.

“Sorry, I’m totally in your way huh?” she asks as she steps aside and motions for me to come in.
I take that first step into the room and slowly scan my surroundings. My face must give me away because Tammy starts to talk real fast. “I’m sorry, is it too much? I’m always over doing things and I just want our room to be perfect, and, well, you know I started over here, then that wall looked bare and well then I had to rearrange the furniture, and…… you hate it, huh?”

 I glance over at my roommate, who is still holding the door wide open and biting her lip in fear of what I am about to say. “Oh, no, it’s fine. I take it that’s my bed?” I ask, giving her the reassuring smile I have come to master for situations like this.

 A look of relief washes over Tammy’s face as she shuts the door. “Oh good, I was completely worried that you would hate it, and, in return, hate me. Then it would be a miserable living arrangement, and….. oh my gosh, I’m rambling huh?” She stops just inches in from of me, twisting her hands nervously in front of her.  I quickly take a step back and turn towards my bed in the corner, tossing the bin and the clothes in a pile.

“Don’t worry about it.” I throw a smile over my shoulder and act like I’m digging through the mess I created.

 I can feel the awkwardness in the air as a tentative few moments pass with no other words spoken. Closing my eyes, I remember this is my chance for change, to be the person I always wanted to be. Let’s plaster a smile on my face and get this shit over with.

“I was just about to head over to the lodge and grab a bite to eat. Want to come with?” Tammy asks.

She looks a little relieved when she sees the smile I manage to muster up. “I’ve got so much to unload and, of course, I’m parked clear across campus, so maybe next time,” I say to her as I walk over to the door.

Just as I am about to turn the knob and walk out Tammy blurts out, “I can help if you want?” shrugging her shoulders.

Hesitating at the door, I mull the offer over in my mind. It’s only help and I’m going to be living with this chick, so better make nice now. Besides, I’ve got so much stuff and really don’t want to make five million trips across campus alone. Turning around, I flash an award winning, completely fake smile and say, “sure I’d love help!”

 I swear she is going to see straight through my fake BS; but nope, she gives me a smile and follows me out the door.

The moment we step outside, she starts to ramble again, and I find myself letting my mind wander once more. I catch snippets of information on her life; one brother, cheerleader, single, loves to talk (yeah, go figure), and I think she said she was rushing. We get to my car and she smiles. “Thank god you have a nice car. My dad wouldn’t let me bring mine, and I hate showing up to parties in a junker. Wow, that sounds shallow. I swear I’m not that shallow; it’s just that I like nice things, and hot girls should always……………….oh wow, I’m just going to shut up now.”

 I laugh as I walk to the back and hit the latch button. Yes, my car is nice; white 2012 Honda Accord, however the circumstance behind owning it makes the car look ugly to me. 

“How long did you have to kiss your parents asses to get this?” she asks while grabbing more clothes and a laundry hamper.

“Not too long,” I mutter while reaching for another tub and a duffle bag full of shoes. At this rate, two or three more trips and we should have it all, and then maybe I can get some peace from her incessant talking. 

I am down to my final box of crap when Tammy comes skidding through the door. “You will never believe who is throwing a party tonight!”

 I contemplate giving her a smartass answer as I place the last picture frame on my desk. However, I decide to go with a questioning look. “Who?” 

“Phi Kappa Tau!”  she squeals, jumping up and down like a fricken pre-teen at a Bieber concert. 

“You have to come with me. I mean, please come with me. Pretty, pretty, pretty please”, she begs while grabbing my arm and giving it a shake.

“I don’t know.” Ripping my arm from her clutches, I flop down on to my freshly made bed and look at my roommate standing there like a kid on Christmas, complete with the twinkle in her eye. She really is pretty. I’m betting 5’8, long blonde hair, a southern belle style, and truly seems like a nice person.

Tammy immediately walks over to my side of the closet and starts to fling clothes in every direction. 

“Wait, I just put everything away.” I groan as I start to gather the ever growing pile of material on the floor.

“Ah ha, I bet this is amazing on you!” Tammy twirls around, and I’m almost afraid to look at what she is holding. I slowly glance up with an arm full of clothes and wince. It is that dress you know, the dress one can’t seem to ever get rid of, yet never want to wear again. The dress that holds so many memories that always resurface no matter how far down you push the emotion? Crap, yep it’s that dress. 

As I stand there, basically dumbstruck and mouth open, Tammy is already digging for shoes. “This is going to be the hottest back to school party tonight, and I can’t fly solo, and  we are going to be best friends, so basically that requires you to go. TA-DA!  Look, I’ve already got your outfit ready,” she announce, as she comes up holding that dress and a pair of red strappy heals.
Why can’t I just get rid of that dress?

How I let Tammy talk me into to this I’ll never know, and I’m starting to realize that my decision to tag along was a dumb one. This stupid dress keeps riding up on my thighs, and I swear my hands are going to be fixed at its hem tonight, pulling it down over and over. I can’t believe I’m even back in this dress. It’s been almost a year since that night and this stupid thing still fits like a glove. Remembering the wave of emotion that crept over me as I slipped it on earlier this evening, I managed to push it down then, and now is not the time for it to come back up.

 Glancing up at the tall, two story brick building, I wonder what I’ve got myself into. I am just about to turn around when Tammy links my arms and pulls me up the walkway. “Tonight is about networking, finding the hottest guys, and taking numbers. But never leaving with them. Got to make ‘em want more, darling!”

I glance over at Tammy, and she has got a wicked smile plastered across her face, and somehow, I know tonight is going to be trouble. We reach the steps and you can hear the music at full blast inside the house; some sort of new aged pop crap. I grimace at the thought of listening to this all night, letting my mind wander back to cool evenings around the bonfire with a little Cash in the background. However, that memory is quickly removed from my mind when an idiot pushes past Tammy and I and barely makes it down the steps before losing his dinner all over the grass.

“This party is going to be amazing! We can’t lose each other. okay?” Tammy says as she slips our linked arms apart and grabs my hand to walk in the front door.  The door is already open and the room is packed, and I’m talking Cowboys playing the Steelers on a Monday night bar packed. Tammy manages to squeeze past a few people and I’m almost thankful that we are holding hands now, cause there would be no way I could manage to get anywhere in this crowd. I have to remind myself to keep looking up, as, truly, I find the floor much more interesting than saying “excuse me” or “oops sorry” to everyone we bump into as Tammy forges forward into the unknown.

Tammy is almost pulling my shoulder out of its socket when she gives me a quick jerk. I take my eyes off the floor and glance up. “Keg straight ahead!” she shouts.

 “Aye matey,” I respond while rolling my eyes and being dragged across the room.

“Okay, remember the rules, Seven; no taking drinks from anyone other than each other, no losing track of each other, and finally, find a hot piece of ass but no bringing him home,” Tammy instructs as she hands me a plastic cup and smiles like a Cheshire cat.

The coldness of the liquid in the cup shocks my senses; it’s been awhile since I’ve had a drink. Well, actually, it’s been eleven months and fourteen days since that night. Not like I’m counting or anything. As I stare at the beer in my hand, I start to panic. Closing my eyes, I try to mentally talk myself down from the ledge my mind feels like it’s standing on. I can do this, no one knows, I’m going to have fun. Deep breath in and slowly exhale, was what my therapist told me to do. However, that doesn’t seem like a good idea right now. No, let’s just slam this beer down and see if it takes the edge off.

“Holy shit girl that was totally hot!” Tammy exclaims as I sit the plastic cup down on the counter.
I just shrug my shoulders, “What can I say; it felt like the right thing to do.” Tammy throws her head back and laughs, “Let’s go dance.” Grabbing my hand, she start to pull me out to the make shift dance floor.


Why I come to these parties, I can never tell ya. Oh, wait, it’s required for my frat. The frat that I didn’t want to join, but is basically forced down my throat since I’m a legacy. Guess I better find the damn keg and get this evening over with, I think while wandering down the hall to find the beer.
“Hey Stone.” A blonde throws herself on me as I walk by. Glancing at the chick, I have no clue who she is, but at least she is hot. “It’s been a while, hot stuff. Want to head upstairs?” she asks while throwing her hands up around my neck. Now, any other night I would have said sure, but, I am already in a piss poor mood from being at this party when all I really wanted to do was sit on my ass in my lonely apartment and drown my sorrows alone.

 I pull the drunken girls arms off my neck, and steady her on her feet. “Not tonight darling.” I turn and walk away, bound to find a drink and try to forget that I’m stuck here at this party from hell.
“Whatever, Stone. Don’t call me ever again!” the blonde shouts out to me.

I smile and shake my head. I never call them, anyway.

I finally find the keg in the stupidest spot the pledges could have put it and head out to the back yard to think. I catch girls basically eye-fucking me as I walk out of the house, however have no intention of stopping and talking with any of them. Stepping out on the patio, I notice for once the backyard is somewhat clean and actually a decent place to be, considering this house belongs to a bunch of guys who can’t even pick up their own socks from the floor. I wonder if they made the pledges do some yard work, or if our “president” had his daddy hire someone. Yeah, I bet it was the later. Stupid fucker.

I spot a chair not being used and pull it over to a corner of the yard that currently has no drunken visitors. Last thing I need is another chick to come and try to catch my attention with her boobs, or a pledge asking if he can do anything for me. I throw the hood of my sweatshirt over my head and slouch down in the chair, tipping the beer back slowly. Whoever bought the keg should have gotten better beer. This shit is gross, I think as I swirl the brown liquid in the cup. I toss the empty container behind me. A pledge can clean that shit up later.

I close my eyes for only a second and my chair is tipping back. “What the fuck?” I shout as I smash into the grass.

 “What up, you lonely ass wipe?” says a voice standing over me.
“You dumbass. Help me up.”  I reach over to my loser of a best friend. Hunter grabs my hand and pulls me to my feet, and I immediately take a swing at his shoulder.

“Ouch, what the hell man?” he says as he rubs his arm, wincing in pain.

 “I prefer to stay upright, jackass. You totally deserve that,” I respond as I try to dust the crap off the back of my hoodie.

“Why aren’t you in there hitting up all the fine back to school tail?” Hunter asks while nodding to the back sliding door.

“Cause I just wanted to make my appearance, have a couple drinks, and get home.”

In reality, I just want to get the hell out of there now, but I did the brotherly thing and shown up.
“Whatever, man. This party is hot, and there is so much fresh meat out there, I don’t even know where to start!” Hunter tosses over his shoulder as he walks away. 

Even my socially challenged best friend doesn’t want to hang out with my sorry ass tonight, and I know he isn’t going to get any women to believe his lines. I glance at the deck that is starting to fill up with people escaping the heat inside and figure, what the hell, I’ll go find the presidents stash of whiskey. At least if I’m going to drink, it might as well it be the good stuff.

Making my way back inside, I head for the stairs, knowing damn well the good stuff is going to be hidden in douche bag’s room. Reaching the door I am looking for, I pause for a second. I can hear noises coming from the other side of the door, and for a second think I recognize them. Well, wouldn’t that be funny interrupting him in mid freak? Hopefully, making the dumb chick that is hooking up with him panic and leave.

I turn the knob and throw the door open, and the sight of the two bodies hits me like a ton of bricks.
“What the hell, Tammy?” I stride over to the bed and rip the stupid mother fucker off my sister. Tossing him to the floor, I glance back at my sister. She is sitting on her knees in the middle of the bed, thankfully still clothed and now seeing red.

 “What the heck, Stone?” she shrieks.

I glance down at Preston sitting in shock on the floor and bend down to grab his shirt
“Hey man, cool down. I didn’t know. No harm no foul,” he spits out of his mouth, trying to twist his way out of my grasp.

 “Stay the fuck away from my sister!” I yell while tossing him onto his bed.

“Seriously Stone. I didn’t know it was your sister. I’m your brother, man. You got to believe me.” Preston rambles.

For being our chapter president and having as much money as he does, he sure seems like a whiny little bitch when backed into a corner. I shake my head to try and clear the thoughts of pounding his ugly face in, but turn and look at Tammy instead, still sitting on the bed.

“Tammy, get the fuck off the bed and into my truck.”  I grab her wrist and yank her to the door.

“Knock it off, Stone; I’m eighteen now and you can’t control me!”

“The hell I can’t!”

I grab her and throw the little twit over my shoulder and stomp down the stairs. I hear I’m sorry being yelled from the room as I pound down the stairs. However, couldn’t could care less about whatever the stupid shit is spouting out of his mouth. Right now, I need to get my little sister back to her dorm and away from all the horny frat brothers lurking around.

“Put me down, you Neanderthal!” she yells as she pounds her fists on my back. I just laugh and walk down the steps to my truck. “Seriously, put me down. I can’t believe you did that!” Her legs are now kicking over my shoulders, so I hold on tighter. I reach my truck and set her down to unlock the passenger door. She looks pissed; face the color of a baboon’s ass and her hair is going in every direction like Medusa. I snicker at the sight of her, and she shoves me into my truck.

“You think this is funny, asshole? I am so embarrassed by you,” she whines as she turns to walk back to the house.

 “Oh hell, you’re not going back in there,” I say while reaching out to grab her arm.

“I’ve got to go find my roommate; I bet she is having fun with some guy in there and not being mortified by older brothers who can’t seem to stay out of her business.”

“You’re not going in there alone. I know a majority of the guys are on the prowl for freshman and I’m keeping you as far away as possible from them,” I match her step while walking back up the walkway.

“Yo, Stone. Who is that fine honey you walked in with?” Hunter questions as he walks over from the beer pong table.

I throw a disgusted look at him. “My sister, dumbass” I glance around, looking for that tall blonde head of hers.

“Tammy? Oh Shit man, when did she grow up?” he asks as he tips back the rest of his cup. I start to get irritated at the amount of people in the house; I’ve just got to find my sister so I can get the hell out of here. “If you see her, tell her to head out to the truck and text me!” I yell while trying to make my way in the crowd, only to get pawed at by drunken woman as I walk by.

“Can do bro, can do.” Hunter slurs over the music and laughter.

I turn the corner to the kitchen and run smack into Tammy.

“Can you embarrass me anymore?” She glares into my eyes.
I almost start to say yes, but realize that I value my nuts and I know that’s the first body part she would go for if she didn’t like my response. Instead, I glare right back at her. “Find your roommate yet?”

“No, but I texted her to meet me outside.”

 I grab her arm and start pulling her to the front door.

“You need to let up. I can get there by myself, you know,” she yells as we walk out the door and down the steps.

“Well, maybe if you weren’t trying to get naked with an asshole upstairs, I wouldn’t feel the need to babysit you,” I mention while dropping her arm and crossing mine against my chest. “Where is this roommate of yours?” I ask impatiently.

  Tammy glances up at the steps. “There,” she points out and smiles. I look over to where she is facing; holy shit.


I can feel the vibration of my phone in my purse, but am too lazy to grab it. Besides, this beer has captured my attention, and I’m betting It’s Tammy telling me about the hot guy she wandered off with. Wait, what rule did she break by leaving me alone down here? I toss the last of the beer back and push myself off the wall I’ve been occupying for whoever knows how long. Figuring I might as well find the keg again, nothing else is happening for me at this party, I decide to go for one more round of the cold brown liquid when my phone goes off for the twentieth time tonight. Digging through my Mary Poppins bag, I finally find the culprit and realize I’ve got about five million texts. Okay, maybe only really like five, but, shit, it feels like she is blowing up my phone tonight.

“Well, freak on a leash, she wants to head home,” I mutter to myself as I stash the phone and rack my brain to figure out which way the door is. I guess another drink isn’t in my future tonight.
I finally break free of the “hey baby,” and the “whatcha doing hot stuff?” and find myself walking down the steps, looking around for my roommate who I’m betting is drunk at this point. It’s a good thing we are only a few blocks from the dorm. I really don’t want to carry her ass down the road all sloppy drunk. Glancing over to the sidewalk, I stop dead in my tracks. Standing over by my rather pissed off looking roommate is the most delicious looking guy my eyes have ever looked upon.

I’m pretty sure my mouth is hanging open and I could possibly be drooling, but I can’t help it. This man is gorgeous; tall dark and handsome would be like his evil stepbrother. He has to be over six feet, and his body must love the inside of a gym, and hopefully other activities since my mind is now in the company of sewer rats. Glancing down his body, I notice the full sleeves down both arms, and I’m silently hoping those are not his only body parts covered in ink. His style, well………let’s just say if I could order a side dish of him, heck what am I thinking? This man is a whole meal. I’m really hoping this isn’t the guy my roommate hooked up with, because I’m sure the look of lust on my face totally gives me away and Tammy will hate me forever.

“Seven, let’s go. I’m over this party.” Tammy says with a scowl and starts to head in the direction of our dorm.

 I hear someone mutter, “hell no. Get in the truck, T,” and my head snaps over to the walking sex on a stick, who is reaching out and grabbing the arm of my roommate.

 “Seriously, we can walk. I’m done talking to you. Goodbye, Stone.” she says with a hint of hatred in her voice.

I manage to get my feet to move from the frozen daze I was stuck in and start to walk over to Tammy when she is picked up and thrown into the open door of the truck. A moment of panic sinks in when he turns to look at me. My mind starts to race. Is she being kidnapped? Should I scream?

He must sense my absolute terror stricken moment, because a smirk creeps over his face. “I’m her brother, Stone. Can you get into the truck on your own, or should I manhandle you, too?”

Maybe it is the cocky look on his face, or perhaps it is Tammy in the passenger seat looking about fifteen different shades of red that snaps me out of my staring stupor, but somehow I manage to squeak out. “Yeah, sure.”

 That smirk could cause me to drop my panties in a heartbeat. I’ve never had this feeling inside me before, the need to get closer to him, figure him out, and get naked and do naughty things with him. Not even before the accident did my body react this way. I’m as unsure of myself as it is, and this feeling inside is not helping the situation get any easier. I almost have to jump to get into the truck. Holy shit, I think to myself, this thing is a beast. My eyes follow him around the front of the truck and continue to watch him as he opens the driver’s door, shaking his head like he is trying to rid the thoughts in his mind. I realize I’m staring again and try to focus my attention out the window; something out there has got to be more interesting than him.

“Seven, this asshole is my brother, Stone. Thanks to him, I will not be having any fun at fraternity parties this year,” Tammy says with a scowl and a glare on her face.

 If looks could kill, I’m sure I would be dead just from the aftermath of the glare directed at her brother. “You make me seem like I’m the bad guy when you were upstairs trying to bump uglies on your first night here. Seriously, you’ve got one demented view on who is the asshole.” Stone says without taking his eyes off the road.

 I want him to look over at me, looking into those blue eyes of his hits some nerve deep inside of me; something I desperately want to feel again. What am I doing? I close my eyes and rest my head against the seat. I’ve got to remember to stick to the plan, and this boy could be the complete unraveling of me.

The short ride back to our dorm remains quiet as I glance at my roommate, who is still fuming over in the middle seat. Stone puts the truck into park, and I turn to open the door. “Thanks for the ride home,” I throw over my shoulder and jump down.

“Nice to meet you, Seven. Hopefully, next time we meet it’s on better terms.” he says with a smile that almost makes me melt on the sidewalk.

“Please. Don’t act like you’re a gentleman; all you do is break hearts and toss the baggage. You, my brother, are one of the men mothers warn us about,” Tammy says while climbing out and slamming the door.

 I hear a laugh and Stone throws the truck into gear, flying out the parking lot like a bat out of hell. 

“I’m never going to live this down,” Tammy mutters while walking up to the doors to slide her key card in. I stay silent as I follow inside behind her, trying to push the thoughts of her brother as far out of my mind as possible.

We reach our door without another word spoken to each other. Once again, it’s that awkward feeling hanging in the air. I’ve never been good with words, so it’s just easier to let the moment pass. I walk over to my closet and toss my shoes into the unorganized pile that Tammy left earlier this evening.
“My brother is such a jerk,” I hear from her side of the room.

 I turn around and smile at Tammy sitting on her bed. “Could be worse right?” I comment, trying to fake some sort of empathy for the situation. If she only knew that this smile was for the attraction I felt for her brother; I’m betting she’d throw her heel at me. I grab some clothes out of my dresser and take off the dress, and toss it in the hamper. Maybe, I’ll just never wash it; this way I’ll never have to wear it again. Sighing, I try to remind myself it’s just a dress; just a stupid little black dress. I quickly throw on my shorts and shirt and crawl into bed. Tomorrow, I am going to familiarize myself with the campus before classes start on Monday.

 “Do you have any siblings, Seven?” Tammy asks me.

“Nope; it’s just me.” I reply in the darkness.

 “You’re lucky. I wish I didn’t,” Tammy exclaims as she turns over in bed to face the wall.
I am basically alone now; no siblings, no family, and no friends. I blink back the tears I refuse to shed and stare at the ceiling, waiting for the darkness to take me away.


I’ve never been one to lust over a woman. Hell, a one night stand is all I am capable of. Get them in and out and never make any promises; less mess and no heartbreak. But there is something about that girl walking down the steps that makes me think twice on my lifes choices. When she walks closer, I’m sure the little me came to full attention, because she is stunning. Wait, more than stunning; she is life altering beautiful. I start to panic when I realize she is heading over to Ol’ Red. Crap. This must be Tammy’s roommate. When her eyes reach mine, I feel like my soul is being sucked from my chest; her eyes sparking like the color of emeralds. They seem to drill a hole straight through me. I feel like I’m staring. I don’t give a shit if I am. The way she walks over to me has got me mesmerized, and there has got to be a way to break this infatuation.

I can vaguely hear my sister open her rather large trap and start to walk away. This is the moment I snap out of my drunken haze and throw the little worm into Ol’ Red, giving me a little time to gather the small amount of sanity I have left.

I see the look on her face; I’m betting she doesn’t realize I’m the better Hastings in the family that the little blonde one over here is not the only one on campus with these amazing genetics that I’ve been blessed with.  “I’m her brother, Stone. Can you get into the truck on your own, or should I manhandle you, too?” I say with a grin that can drop panties in an instant. I need to get this girl home and out of my head. There is no reason to screw up the game I’ve got going with this little girl. My life works so well for me now. Why try and complicate things? I mention about getting into Ol’ Red and start to walk around to climb into the driver’s seat when I hear it. It is so soft and meek, I almost ask her to say it again. How can someone so small with such a little voice say, “Yeah,” and have the world I’ve created and molded these entire four years of college come crashing down?

I try and shake the thought of her out of my head; I need clear thoughts in order to maintain the cool demeanor I have created for myself.  But there is something about her that I can’t shake. The way she walked over to the truck; her small frame makes me want to run over and pick her up, go all caveman style and possessive of her. She can’t be more than five foot, but good lord that dress makes her legs look a mile long and has all my body parts paying attention as she sways over to the truck.  However, by the look in her eyes as I throw Tammy into the Ol’ Red, one of fear yet with a spark of heat and desire showing through, I’m going to have to keep my distance with this one. She is not one that’s going in the book of one night stands. Hell, I’m going to avoid this girl, woman, like the plague. I reach over and turn the key. Ol’ Red roars to life as I try and gain a moment of clarity for the millionth time since she came into my life.

As I banter back and forth with my baby sister, I try and not look over at her, but it’s difficult. I learn her name is Seven, which makes my mind swirl at the mere thought of saying it. I watch her close her eyes and lay her head back on the seat. And I can’t help but notice how great she looks in my truck; all small and fragile in this big piece of metal, almost like she was meant to sit there forever.
Fuck, man. Pull it together. This is not happening now; I do not do relationships, I silently remind myself.  We reach the dorms and the girls climb out. Oh, shit, what do I say to her? I’ve never been this much of a lunatic when it comes to women, so why am I a mess now?

 “Thanks for the ride home,” the small voice says, which has my dick standing at full attention.

I grip the steering wheel tighter with both hands, afraid that my body will betray my mind and do something stupid like reach for her hand or some other body part. “Nice to meet you, Seven. Hopefully, next time we meet it is on better terms,” I manage to say with a smile. I swear this woman can read me like a book. I’ve got to get out of here and take a cold shower. Fuck it, I need an ice bath as I try and shake the naughty things of what I want to do to her out of my mind. As soon as the door slams, I throw Ol’ Red in gear and test the gauges on my precious truck, determined to put as much distance as possible between Seven and myself. 

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