Friday, August 23, 2013

*Sneak peek of my new WIP titled "Hot Southern Mess"

"Hot Southern Mess"

My mother always said “You need to act like a lady if you are ever going to be the perfect wife.” Well that would require me to first become ‘lady like’ and then sell my soul to the devil. Down south, women were groomed to be perfect trophy wives. One must be the total package in order to catch a man that had sort of social ranking at the country club. To my parents and sister dismay being sold off to the highest bidder in society wasn't the life for me.
Hi I’m Molly and anything but the southern belle type.  My hair isn't blonde and I don’t wear dresses. My shoe selection consists of my favorite chucks and I’m lucky that I shower daily. I bite my nails and play guitar, and well my makeup regimen involves of the very basics. I don’t hold any pageant titles and I’m entirely too awkward at social gatherings.
So what does one do when her younger sister finds the man of her dreams and gets married? You suck it up and put on that horrible bridesmaid dress and explain to everyone that you are perfectly content on living alone for the rest of your life. Then you get the hell out of there.
I just wanted to play my music and live my life, free of sparkles and crowns.  Being twenty-five and not married wasn't the end of the world, in reality it was just the beginning.  I was not going to worry about finding “the one” till it found me. One afternoon I walked right into all six-foot-three rock star of it.
Hi, my name is Molly and I’m a complete Hot Southern Mess.

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