Friday, May 10, 2013

Chapter 4 Teaser "China Hutch"

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For just heading to a bar called Banjos, Tammy sure went all out on getting us ready tonight. I actually started to feel hot in the tight white mini dress she had lent me and the little black booties that completed the ensemble. Waiting in line to get in the door I couldn't help but stare at my reflection in the glass. I really could venture back out into this world. I was a pretty girl; and it was about time I started to feel that way consistently, I really was totally worth it. My hand started to play with the curls in my hair that Tammy had spent so much time on tonight, when she smacked it away. “Douche Lord and Lady Home wrecker at five o’ clock” she says, her voice dripping in disgust. I quickly glance behind me “what are you talking about?” Beating my arm again she points her finger in front of her. “Oh geez that’s not five o…….” and there goes my ability to talk. Walking up to the bouncer is Stone and some stripper. Okay that was a horribly mean thing to think since I don’t know her, but I’m betting I’m hitting the nail on the head with that statement. My chest began to tighten and I had feeling I was going to vomit watching them; the way his hand touched her back, the look of lust in her eyes, and not to mention the way she threw her head back and laughed when he whispered something in her ear. Yeah I’m betting she has a pole in her bedroom and does private dances for all the good little boys and girls for that matter. “Look at that dress, I’m sure her china hutch is on display for everyone tonight” as Tammy scowls at the women pawing all over her brother. “China hutch” I ask. “Yeah you know, where you keep your fine breakable things” throwing me the look of don’t you know. Thank god for this girl tonight cause immediately I break into a laugh. “You mean her vagina” I say quietly. “Ick, I hate that word. So vulgar and real” she exclaims with a grimace. “Well that is what it’s called” as I shake my head at my crazy roommate. 

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