Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chapter 8 Teaser!!! (Remember there will be changes and edits)

Chapter 8

Unlocking the door to my dark apartment I let Seven wander in first, as I reach my hand around the corner for the light switch. Suddenly I was being pulled over the threshold and her lips were instantly on mine. I couldn't help but surrender to her spell, parting my lips to allow her tongue to slide into my mouth. There was something different about her; the need for my touch was almost desperate and forceful. I was backed up into the wall, completely at her mercy for whatever she planned on doing. Running my hands through her long red hair I hear a little moan escape, this woman was going to have me come undone right here. Pushing back slightly I catch my breath and grab her chin “Wait this isn't what you wanted tonight”. “What I can’t change my mind” pressing her body back against mine. The back of my head rest against the wall and I let out a long sigh. “Seven you know I want you,  more than anything but not even 5 minutes ago I practically had to beg you to come home with me” “Fuck you Stone, maybe you should try to get to know me before you start telling me what I want” as she storms off to the bathroom. “You won’t let me get to know you, you keep yourself so fucking locked up that I would need the CIA to break into that little head of yours” I yell after her.

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